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About Jk Interiors

My name is Jennifer Katke, owner and designer at JK Interiors. Starting JK has been a bit of a journey, of course one I wouldn't trade for anything. It all started back in 88' when I was working for Nordstrom, got a little taste of design and started excelling in my position. By the end of the 10 years I worked for Nordstrom I was wanting to start a family. With that said it was time for a break. I was blessed with my first and only born, Jack Katke- who is my world. I may sound biased, but I think I may have the best kid on the face of the earth. 

Well, the "break" only seemed to last a few months. I remember walking into a shop called "Santos Graham," immediately hitting it off with the owner, by the end of our conversation she asked me to help her design. Over time, I began to take in some clientele through the shop and started creating a name for myself. Fun Fact: One of my very first jobs was for the writer of the film, "As Good As It Gets." Alongside the design aspect of the job, I also started running the company for her- began majority of the buying, ran all the projects, etc.

At that point, I had created some what of my own gig, had the experience, had my sources and ultimately loved what I was doing. I then decided to make a big leap- buying and flipping houses. Although it was a scary start it's really what brought me to what I do today. 

I now run a thorough, well operated Interior Design Business. Majority of my work consists of Remodels, Staging, Consulting and getting Houses ready for Market. The crew I have has been hand picked by myself. I wanted a team that makes clients feel comfortable and a team who puts out positivity in times when remodeling seems to make you want to spin. Because, reality is, at times remodeling can make your head want to spin. Our crew wants to deliver good quality work along with positive energy.